The foundation of every DePauw story lies in incredible peers and a remarkable faculty of scholars who will push and support you. Start your DePauw story.

Academics That Challenge You

Leading researchers. Prize-winning authors. Nationally recognized performers. From the sciences to the humanities, the DePauw faculty consists of teacher-scholars of the first order. They are, first and foremost, committed to teaching you, and they are the foundation of DePauw’s academic life.

DePauw’s challenging curriculum offers you a tremendous amount of academic freedom. We have 45 majors and three music degree programs. If you can’t find something that piques your interest, you can actually create your own major with the help of a faculty adviser.

DePauw faculty will do more than teach you how to learn; they will teach you how to think. They are researchers, authors and experts in their fields, yet are completely dedicated to student success in and out of the classroom. They push students to be independent thinkers, writers and communicators. They will challenge you to explore subjects you’re curious about and open your mind to new possibilities.