4th Quarter Play-by-Play

  Wabash College vs. DePauw University
  Date: 11/16/2013  • Site: Greencastle, Ind.

4th Quarter Play-by-Play
 Drive: 4 plays, 12 yards, TOP 2:39
Wabf 2-12on Wabf35End of game, clock 00:00.
Wabf 1-10on Wabf37Team rush for loss of 2 yards to the WABF35.
Wabf 3-1on Wabf32CP Porter rush for 5 yards to the WABF37, 1ST DOWN WABF (Justin Murray).
Wabf 2-9on Wabf24CP Porter rush for 8 yards to the WABF32 (Michael McManis;Denn. Callicutt).
Wabf 1-10on Wabf23CP Porter rush for 1 yard to the WABF24 (Robert Amie).
Wabf 1-10on Wabf23WABASH COLLEGE drive start at 02:39.
Marko Adams kickoff 42 yards to the WABF23, downed.
 Drive: 5 plays, 88 yards, TOP 2:35
Wabash College 38, DePauw University 21
Eric Malm kick attempt good.
Dpu 2-8on Wabf38Matt Hunt pass complete to JD Robinson for 38 yards to the WABF0, 1ST DOWN DPU, TOUCHDOWN, clock 02:39.
Dpu 1-10on Wabf40Nikko Sansone rush for 2 yards to the WABF38 (Justin Woods).
Dpu 3-2on Dpu20Matt Hunt pass complete to JD Robinson for 40 yards to the WABF40, 1ST DOWN DPU (Austin Brown).
Dpu 2-4on Dpu18Armani Cato rush for 2 yards to the DPU20 (Stephan Jones).
Dpu 1-10on Dpu12Armani Cato rush for 6 yards to the DPU18 (Austin Brown).
Dpu 1-10on Dpu12DEPAUW UNIVERSITY drive start at 05:14.
 Drive: 3 plays, 5 yards, TOP 1:50
Wabf 4-5on Dpu43C. Sobleski punt 31 yards to the DPU12, fair catch by Jason Kirchhoff.
Wabf 3-5on Dpu43Michael Putko pass incomplete, PENALTY WABF holding declined.
Wabf 2-6on Dpu44CP Porter rush for 1 yard to the DPU43 (Nick Freund).
Wabf 1-10on Dpu48CP Porter rush for 4 yards to the DPU44 (Josh Jones;Michael McManis).
Wabf 1-10on Dpu48WABASH COLLEGE drive start at 07:04.
 Drive: 3 plays, minus 8 yards, TOP 2:49
Dpu 4-18on Dpu16Eric Malm punt 39 yards to the WABF45, Justin Woods return 7 yards to the DPU48 (JD Robinson).
Dpu 3-22on Dpu12Matt Hunt rush for 4 yards to the DPU16 (Cody Buresh).
Dpu 3-12on Dpu22Matt Hunt pass complete to Armani Cato for 13 yards to the DPU35 (C. Christopher), PENALTY DPU clipping (Eric Brooks) 10 yards to the DPU12, NO PLAY.
Dpu 2-12on Dpu22Matt Hunt sacked for no gain to the DPU22 (AJ Akinribade).
Dpu 1-10on Dpu24Nikko Sansone rush for loss of 2 yards to the DPU22 (Cody Buresh).
Dpu 1-10on Dpu24DEPAUW UNIVERSITY drive start at 09:53.
 Drive: 10 plays, 53 yards, TOP 5:07
Wabf 3-Gon Dpu14Michael Putko pass intercepted by Tommy Gray at the DPU7, Tommy Gray return 17 yards to the DPU24, out-of-bounds (Michael Putko).
Wabf 2-Gon Dpu14Michael Putko pass incomplete to Houston Hodges.
Wabf 1-Gon Dpu18Grant Klembara rush for 4 yards to the DPU14 (Tommy Gray).
Wabf 1-Gon Dpu08Michael Putko rush for loss of 2 yards to the DPU10 (Tophel Secuskie), PENALTY WABF holding (Willie Strong) 10 yards to the DPU18, NO PLAY.
Wabf 3-2on Dpu11Grant Klembara rush for 3 yards to the DPU8, 1ST DOWN WABF (Patrick Keller).
Wabf 2-3on Dpu12Grant Klembara rush for 1 yard to the DPU11 (Will Longthorne).
Wabf 1-10on Dpu19Houston Hodges rush for 7 yards to the DPU12, out-of-bounds (Denn. Callicutt).
Wabf 1-10on Dpu29Grant Klembara rush for 10 yards to the DPU19, 1ST DOWN WABF (Tommy Gray).
Wabf 2-10on Dpu42Michael Putko pass complete to Sean Hildebrand for 13 yards to the DPU29, 1ST DOWN WABF (Tommy Gray).
Wabf 1-15on Dpu47Grant Klembara rush for 5 yards to the DPU42 (Tophel Secuskie).
Wabf 1-10on Dpu42PENALTY WABF false start (Spencer Burk) 5 yards to the DPU47.
Wabf 1-10on Wabf45Grant Klembara rush for 13 yards to the DPU42, 1ST DOWN WABF (Michael Mitsch;Indi Lavarias).
Wabf 1-10on Wabf33Michael Putko pass incomplete to Jon Laird (Cody Baker), PENALTY DPU pass interference (Cody Baker) 12 yards to the WABF45, 1ST DOWN WABF, NO PLAY.
Wabf 1-10on Wabf33Start of 4th quarter, clock 15:00.